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Proper network planning is essential in today's business environment. Without network planning, organizations find it difficult to obtain a return on their investment.

Network planning is the process of outlining business requirements and growth plans to build a blueprint for connecting and purchasing of IT resources. Thinking through your business needs will ease the installation process, and increase the likelihood that the network solution you design will match your requirements now and well into the future.

Webicom, Inc. approach to Network Planning involves assessing your current needs, and assessing how your business will change over time. In particular, Webicom, Inc. places considerable effort to the following processes:

  • Assess Usage - Determine who the users are and what type of access they will require.
  • Gather Input - Talk to all parties involved and factor in the needs of the various departments.
  • Build in Expansion - Detail the direction of the business. Considerations must be made which may affect the design of the network. Factors effecting today's design could be the adding of staff, geographic expansion, remote access solutions, and new applications.
  • Address Security - It's the information age after all! When planning network design, we place great emphasis on incorporating security into the design.
  • Knowledge Management - Information that is not managed correctly is useless. Knowledge Management allows staff to easily access the information they require when they need it.
  • Remote Access - Considerations should be made for remote access to resources. With more staff working from the road and home today, the need for secure and reliable remote access solutions is growing rapidly.
  • Training - Change itself could ensure that your do not see a return on your technology investment. Technology adoption comes with timesaving and productivity-enhancing features. With adequate staff training, your staff will be armed with the knowledge to best utilize these advanced features.
  • Before jumping into your next upgrade or migration, step back and ask yourself, have I considered all of the above points.


Disaster Recovery planning is often the most ignored aspect of technology management. Disasters rarely occurs, and it's with this thought businesses all too often ignore the risk.
Webicom, Inc. philosophy with Disaster Recovery planning is simple: Whatever can happen, will happen. Your information is arguably the most valuable resource that you own. If lost, it's not something tangible that is easily replaced. No amounts of money could replace the information lost, and possibly the lost of this information could result in serious financial loss.

Similar to an insurance policy placed upon physical assets, your Disaster Recovery plan will act as your information insurance policy.

Webicom, Inc. strongly believes in proactive disaster recovery planning and implementation. We look closely at your current infrastructure, assess your risk, devise a plan and implement the strategy. Key aspects in this process include:

  • Vulnerability - Our approach begins with first recognizing the importance of disaster recovery and then analyzing your potential exposure. Do power surges and lightning storms frequently interrupt power supply? Is the proper virus protection in place? Is virus protection scanning each file and documents? Assess flood and fire risks.
  • Back up Data - Is your data being backed up? Virtually all organizations utilize some form of backup. What is over looked however is how reliable this back up actually is. Rarely is this backup needed. Are you confident you could successfully restore this data in the event of a disaster? Our disaster planning includes actively simulating disaster within an organization. The aim is to prepare the organization in case disaster does hit. Similar to fire drills in office buildings, our process prepares your organization in the event of a disaster.
  • Protect against power problems - The most common problem with network availability fortunately is the most preventable. A thorough assessment of the current infrastructure will allow us to provide you with power solutions to avoid downtime and loss of data. Often inexpensive UPS systems are all that is required to protect the resources from this exposure.
  • Virus Protection - Computer viruses can wreak havoc on a network, placing your data at risk of corruption and deletion. Your risk can be greatly reduced with virus protection software and gateway servers. Data and email accessed is first checked before being made available on the network.
  • Redundant Systems- ensures business continuity and resource availability in the event of a systems failure. Redundant systems spread the risk across multiple devices and servers, ensuring resources are available in the event one of these devices fails. Webicom, Inc. will look at your key resources, and devise a redundant system to ensure 99.99% up time of your resources.


It's surprising to see in today's business environment the lack of resources placed in IT security. All too often organization will disregard security concerns because they believe it does not apply to them. Some organizations believe that by simply placing a firewall on their internet connection they are secure.

Did you know that over 70% of IT security breaches come from within your network?
What are you doing to protect your resources from this attack?

Most organizations have adopted intelligent building facilities systems like card entry systems to protect and record access to the office. Motion detector alarms protect the facility from un-authorized access. Sprinklers protect the office from fire. But what is protecting your systems from un-authorized access? Has it been tested and evaluated?

Webicom, Inc. understands security. We know that security is an ongoing proactive effort. Webicom, Inc. experienced security consultants:

  • Develop effective strategies, polices and procedures
  • Analyze, design and implement enterprise security architecture
  • Develop appropriate security processes and procedures
  • Effectively manage security programs for clients, including monitoring, planning, project management, security patching.
  • Implement effective virus protection systems.

What would be the impact on your business if data were lost? Can you afford to lose your Intellectual Property? You spend money protecting your office furniture from theft, shouldn't you be protecting your IT resources?


Server Applications are the heart and soul of your infrastructure. All the network planning and investment in network resources are wasted if the applications are not complementing your business flows and processes.

Webicom, Inc. understands applications through our experience within in a wide range of industries. We have the luxury to learn from our partner's experiences with the wide array of application options available. We are also in the position to compare and evaluate all of the competing applications available to your business. This knowledge is pasted on to all of our partners, delivering the applications that best suit your business.

When planning server application purchases, Webicom, Inc. will recommend the best solution that fit's your business model. Often, technology providers push client's solutions that best suit their own engineers, or worse, products that have the best sales margin.

We make it a point to understand our client, to thoroughly understand and immerse ourselves into the business model and culture of the organization. Only then can Webicom, Inc. truly be in a position to recommend a solution that will complement our partner.

Webicom, Inc. has extensive experience providing application solutions. We specialize in:

  • File & Print Applications
  • Messaging Applications
  • Collaboration Applications
  • Database Applications and Platforms
  • Help Desk Applications


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