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Network Assessments are often the best way to get a handle on your sprawling IT infrastructure. This allows your business to firstly document and inventory your entire
systems. The assessment captures a snapshot of your network, giving you greater
flexibility and knowledge to make more informed decisions on the future of your network.

A Webicom, Inc. Network Assessment is a comprehensive audit and documentation of the existing network and technology functions. The primary arguments for conducting a Network Assessment are:

  • Inventory management and replacement cycles - Get a hold on your investment and plan for future upgrades.
  • Budgetary Assistance - Identify tomorrow's budgetary needs today to avoid nasty surprises.
  • Expansion Planning - Any upgrades to network infrastructure affects the entire
    network and its resources. Avoid future issues resulting in non-complaint or non-compatible network resources by identifying them during the planning phase.
  • Documentation - Best practices in network management require proper
    documentation of the network. Traditionally human capital has been the depository for network knowledge, leaving the organization crippled when staff leaves the organization.

Networks require regular supervision and maintenance to ensure that they perform at their optimum level. Webicom, Inc. strongly advocates that their partners adopt proactive management. Servicing the network will help protect the organization from costly failures resulting in a lack of on-going maintenance. Just like a vehicle needs regular service, so does your network to ensure its proper health.

Webicom, Inc. believes that the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced when proactive management is implemented. The costs and potential risks associated with network failures do not justify the small investment in network management. Our proactively network management philosophy includes taking the following steps regularly:

  • Network Monitoring - Utilizing monitoring software. One can view the health of the network and its devices. By adding in accepted baselines, you could accurately predict problems before they happen.
  • Predictive Failure - Today's devices are engineered to monitor their performance. Network management solutions can be configured to alert administrators to the pending failure of network and server components. Some of these devices such as hard disks, cooling fans and power supplies could have serious implications on the business functions if they were to be disrupted. These predictive solutions are generally easy to configure and often are included with the manufactures product.
  • Software Updates - Performance issues are often corrected by applying the latest software patch. Frequently an organization will put up with applications that are not functionally correct, greatly increasing the total cost of ownership. Webicom, Inc. continuously monitors vendor releases of patches, so you don't need to. By partnering with Webicom, Inc., you will always be up to date with the latest
    software releases and patches.
  • Remote Network Management - Webicom, Inc. can proactively manage your
    network remotely. Often we are aware of problems on our partner's networks
    before they are made aware of it.

When you partner with Webicom, Inc., you can be rest assured that we will be there for
you when the pressure is on.

Webicom, Inc. understands that having timely access to skilled engineers and
consultants is essential to achieving service perfection. Webicom, Inc. employs a wide
varying range of skilled consultants and engineers, all available to respond at a
moments notice.

When you partner with us, you will be assigned your own account manager who will
always be available to you. All of our account managers have extensive IT experience
along with formal business management knowledge. Our account representatives not
only understand technology, but more importantly they understand the role IT plays in
a business. Whether we are there to complement your IT function or to entirely manage it, Webicom, Inc. is your one stop turnkey solution.

We stand by our word and our service. For this reason, if you are not fully satisfied with any of the service we provide, you will not be charged, no questions will be asked, period.


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